Only War (Can Save Us Now)

They should forbid big families
by the law
and punish the ones that have
three children or more
and they should control the food
that goes out for people to eat
and give a handful of
rice to each

Cos japanese men
started buying bras
they’re pissing on samurai values
with all their heart
and for male brest feeding
that one fake tit on the chest
this society is becoming
a sickness nest

And only war can save us now
only war can save us now
only war can save us now
that s how far we got
and now we gotta go down

In the eighties people thought
we won’t allow these times to end
now all there’s left to do
is sticking head into the sand
I don’t watch
TV at all
I don’t know what s going on
and who’s head is gonna fall

Cos only war…