‘We are an alternative rock band. Our songs are life observing stories about existentialism and walking your own path’.

TAGS: rock with roots, 70ties style underground rock with raucous vocals.
BASE:  Europe
Zoran Zelenović – vocals / Jan Pivk – guitars / Žan Gantar – bass / Pegam Podobnik – drums

Aikula’s a history goes back over a decade when Zoran (singer) re-formed the legendary ‘The System’ in a full line-up band with his friends.
After few cd releases, gigs, member changes, break ups and re-joining the band transformed in what they are today, a solid ‘70ties’ style rock band with raucous vocals and roots influences.
Aikula now grows out to be the surprise of the European stages convincing audience, promoters, press,…. They supported Psychic TV on their 2016 European May tour, but also performed by themselves in capitals like Brussels and Berlin.
A new album is recorded under supervision of Jeff Berner (Naam, Psychic TV, Death Stars,…) Released Feb 2017 published by the American Angry Love label.

Rock music is played and performed for almost the length of an average person’s lifetime. After such a long period exploiting and experimenting, limits of possibilities appeared to be reached. Lately lots of younger rock musicians feel inspired and influenced by their predecessors, often interpret and re-producing earlier created sounds and structures. After all, rock is about dynamics, energy and enthusiasm. It is inevitable that a music group raised with additional influences besides rock-history, arises in a territory where culture includes different spectra of music.
Aikula is that band. A rock band, sincere naturally influenced, dynamic performing with enthusiasm and energy. Media attempting to describe their sound speaks for itself: ‘sturdy stoner rock’, ‘ethnic hardrock carved from primitive granite’, ‘Tough and very creative in expression’, ‘interesting noise and ethno moments’, a.s.o…..
Definitionable or not, main thing is that everybody who attended an Aikula concert, likes it!  
 (Matski, 40 years in/with music)                                

Aikula names their music: ‘Mongrel Rock’!