AIKULA ‘Mongrel Rock’


Label: Angry Love Productions
Catalogue No.: OTT36

Zoran Elenović – vocals/ Jan Pivk- guitars/ Tilen Bozić – bass/ Pegam Podobnik – drums.
Recorded and produced by Jeff Berner
Mixed by Matski
Cover artwork: Edley ODowd

A side: Only War / Ubava / No Link / Oro Of No Tomorrow / Virus
B side: I fight Battles With God / An Artist / Love Kills Men / Live This Life / Rather on Cocaine

Total playing time: 43m 21s
Sheet inserted with lyrics and band-photo

AIKULA is an enthusiastic, energetic performing band. Best way to record them is where they feel comfortable: live, in their rehearsal space. In one weekend (two days) Jeff Berner (Psychic TV, NAAM,…) registered AIKULA as they are for real! Live playing, besides some vocals, no overdubs. A ‘Guerrilla Recording’ as Jeff called it. Result is ‘rock from the heart’; wild, raw, dirty, overdriven, loud, energetic, unfiltered. Including sounds of plopping basses, buzzing guitar amps, squeezing drum chairs, rattling wine bottles.
AIKULA presents a wayward interpretation of rock, roaming within variable music styles, keeping their unique original sound and still feels comfortable to listen. A melting pot of heavy guitars, ethnic beats, noise, rock and raucous vocals.

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