– “the sounds in their genre are S.U.P.E.R.! I really had the feeling of a great live band….!” – Old
Europe Cafe about ‘Mongrel Rock’
– “you quickly noticed that the audience had no problems to enjoy this sturdy stoner rock.” –
Altvenger (B)
– “A high quality alternative rock band with interesting noise and ethno moments. They also had a
good visualization during their concert, animated living room, that fitted very nice with overall
performance.” – Subsite (HR)

– ‘Grabbed By The Scruff Of The Neck’ – Limbabwe 54 (1 song, free download) – Dec 2017
– ‘Mongrel Rock’ – OTT38 Angry Love Productions – full vinyl album – Feb 2017
– ‘Absurd & Bizarre – OTT37 Angry Love Productions – Cassette tape, rarity – Oct 2016
– ‘No 1’ – self release – early recordings, self released cd – Sept 2014