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Our new release. A cassette tape. LIMITED EDITION, ONLY 37 AVAILABLE!

Order from our webstore: http://www.freewebstore.org/aikula


Absurd side: Live This Life (distorted live version) / Iedvesma (live without audience) / Grabbed By The Scruff Of The Neck (live without audience)/ Rather On Cocaine (Istanbul remix)
Bizarre side: No Link (radio edit) / Elena (live guitar version) / Elena (Green Espadrilles remix) / Music Or Death?! (No.1 version) / What are we waiting for / Sssh
Angry Love Productions OTTT37

The title explains the content. You join a venture in variation. This tapes shows that AIKULA is a hard working band. They re-arrange, re-mix, re-play,…. and produce much music that sometimes arrives different than expected.
That AIKULA is in the first place a solid rock band proofs the opening track ‘Live This Life’. Overdriven (distorted), heavy and energetic performed live. Followed by ‘Iedvesma’ and ‘Grabbed By The Scruff Of The Neck’, also performed live, but without presence of audience. Both songs are no longer part of AIKULA’s repertoire, therefore added to avoid oblivion. Last song on the ‘Absurd’ side is a crooked remix of ‘Rather On Cocaine’, their breath taking noise-rock song turned into a kick-stomp.
Bizarre side opens with the ‘hit’ ‘No Link’, radio edit. Followed by two total different versions of ‘Elena’ (live and studio remix), sounding like two different songs. “Music Or Death?!’ is also no longer on AIKULA’s set list, thats why one more time here the ‘No 1’ version. And if you have some patience, there is a little surprise on the end.

Again Aikula shows some guts doing the unexpected. This tape is interesting for followers and music lovers.
LIMITED EDITION! Only 37 made, all hand crafted and numbered! Every tape is unique!
Can’t wait for the vinyl to be out. I heard it sounds as heavy like their live performances. The release is expected begin 2017.

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